Some serious academic types believe humans may have invented civilization so they could drink beer all year. Ed hasn’t been drinking beer that long, but he has developed certain tastes and opinions about it based upon much personal experience imbibing.

This page features various brews Ed tries. He rates them on a 5 star scale. Although he tries to use beer review jargon and sound knowledgeable, his ratings are shamelessly subjective. To learn the truth, you’ll need to rate them yourself.

Eliot Ness Amber Lager

This outstanding Vienna lager is brewed by the Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Ohio. It ranks among the finest lagers I have ever been fortunate enough to imbibe. Everything is right about this brew, from its deep amber color to the bit of bite it delivers with each sip. Tragically, it is not distributed in SW Virginia, a beer atrocity needing rectification. Next time I’m in Cleveland I will definitely load up on this. The brewers at Great Lakes certainly know their stuff. Eliot gets five stars.

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